Architectural Photography


“I didn’t know Paul well when I hired him. But I had a job that I had done on a very tight budget, and I didn’t want to spend the money for my regular photographer, who is very experienced and very expensive. The assignment was tough; we had done a gut renovation of a Workingman’s House by Alfred Tredway White. Only 13′ 6″ wide. But the pictures Paul turned in were every bit as good as my regular guy. I was knocked out. I wouldn’t hesitate to hire Paul again, no matter how big the job.”

                                                                                               Ben Baxt



When making pictures of your design, it’s not enough just to make it look good. Your vision should come alive in the photographs; the images should reflect what you originally saw in your mind’s eye.


I will make that happen. I’ll do it by taking a moment to ask about your work, your intentions, and how you solved the problems presented by virtually every client and every space. (Don’t worry: I was a reporter in a former life and my interview techniques are painless.) Then I’ll spend time in the structure, developing an understanding of the design before I even takes his camera out of the bag.


I trained as an artist in New York City. I’ve won awards in Paris and London. I’ve been exhibited in galleries from New York to Portland. I even had an image on display at the Louvre. I’ve work for established New York architects and builders such as Baxt | Ingui, Nadoban Interiors, and Robert Sodeman Associates.


Some years back, I turned his focus to commercial work, including architectural photography. But I’ll bring an artist’s eye and an artist’s sensibility to these projects. Your design won’t be just another job. I’ll see what you see and make images that show your vision in the best possible light.



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