Event Photography


“A Bar Mitzvah must be a very difficult event to photograph. It’s a religious ceremony, very serious, and unlike weddings, photographers aren’t allowed to creep around taking shots during the ceremony. Somehow, though, Paul made it work. He took pictures before, after, he recomposed the scene, and he may have even snuck a couple of pictures during the ceremony. (No one noticed, and I didn’t ask.) I give him my highest recommendation.”

                                                                                                               -Julie Bruno


Birthday? Anniversary? Quinceañera? Bar Mitzvah?


Don’t let these events fade away like an empty bottle of wine tossed into the trash. Let me capture those celebrations–and the memories–so you can return to them again and again. Let the next generation see what made a particular event so special. 


I trained as an artist in New York City. I’ve been honored to have my work shown in galleries around the country, and to have won awards in London and Paris. (Winning the award in Paris meant that my work was shown at the Louvre, a stroke of luck that I do not expect to have repeated in this lifetime.)


Some years back, I turned my focus to commercial work, including event photography. But I still have an artist’s eye and an artist’s sensibility, and that’s what I will bring to your event. I’ll find the moments that make the day special to you, the make your celebration unique, and capture them for all time.




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