Portrait Photography

“There are a million reasons that I’m not a professional model, one of them being that I’m very self-conscious in front of the camera. I’ve ruined 1,000 group photos because I can’t smile on demand. Instead, I put on a stiff grimace that invariably spoils the entire shot. But somehow, Paul put me at ease. We were quickly talking together, working together, and on the same page about what we were trying to accomplish. When I saw the final prints, I was thrilled.”

                             -Daphne Eviator

What special qualities do you possess? What sets you apart from the crowd? I’ll find the answers and capture them in a photograph.


If you want a plain background, or you want to pose in a blurry field of flowers, I’m is happy to oblige. But I specialize in environmental portraits, portraits that say something about the life of the subject. Why not show yourself in action, doing something that you love: Gardening, hiking, cooking, or working out at the gym.


Regarding children’s portraits my advice is this: The time is now! Isn’t your kid peaking in terms of cuteness? Can you imagine them getting any cuter? Since it’s all downhill from here, grab your chance to catch them at the top of their game. (Note: As a parent, I can attest that this feeling will last at least through age 13. I don’t expect it to survive the teenage years when I become nothing but an embarrassment to my children.


I trained as an artist in New York City. I’ve won awards in Paris and London. I’ve been exhibited in galleries from New York to Portland. I’ve even had an image on display at the Louvre.


Some years back, I turned my focus to commercial work, including portraits. But I brings an artist’s eye and an artist’s sensibility to these projects. Your portrait won’t be just another job to me. I’ll find your inner beauty and make it visible for the world to see.



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