Imagine this:


You’re back from the honeymoon and settling into your new married life. In the mail you see an envelope with your photographer’s logo on it. It’s a bill. And it’s double the amount promised on his Web site!


I don’t want that to happen to you. That’s why I can’t give you a quote until I’ve sat down with you and discussed your needs and desires. Do you want video? Prints? Coverage of both the bride and groom before the ceremony? Your individual choices will determine the cost.


Every wedding is unique. I can tell you that you’ll find it hard to escape for less that $1,500, but one-size-fits-all pricing just isn’t a good idea. On this site I can promise that my price will be fair, I can promise to find ways to save you money, but I simply can’t quote a price.


Oh, and one more promise: No surprises!

Paul Braverman



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