“Great family photos!”

          —Tammy W.

“Our wedding was a complicated affair. Multiple locations, people all over the city, out-of-towners getting lost. The wedding itself was in Central Park, and while any New Yorker would be thrilled to get married there, the city can’t exactly the park because there’s a wedding. This made for certain . . . challenges. The first came when a pack of skateboarders rode through the procession. But Paul never lost his cool. It was like he was expecting the craziness and took it all in stride. Paul kept working no matter what happened, he kept his eye on what mattered. Afterward, when I saw the pictures, I saw that he got caught the most intimate, fleeting shots. I’m so glad that I chose him.””

          —Natalie B.

“I assisted Paul manage on an artistic series he was putting together last year. He was professional, knowledgeable, and highly respectful of his subject. He wasn’t afraid to take chances, and came up with a number of surprising and engaging ideas during the session that yielded some of the session’s best images. Paul is highly motivated and talented, and will work as hard as he has to to get his photographs absolutely correct. A pleasure to work with, as well. Highly recommended.”

          —Ashby J.

“Paul is a great photographer. I generally hate having pictures taken of me, and I was amazed that I actually liked how his photos came out. He’s also just a lot of fun to work with and be around. So I highly recommend him!”

          —Daphne E.

“I didn’t know Paul well when I hired him. But I had a job that I had done on a very tight budget, and I didn’t want to spend the money for my regular photographer, who is very experienced and very expensive. The pictures Paul turned were every bit as good as my regular guy. I was knocked out. I wouldn’t hesitate to hire Paul again, no matter how big the job.”

          —Ben B.

“A Bar Mitzvah must be a very difficult event to photograph. It’s a religious ceremony, very serious, and unlike weddings, photographers aren’t allowed to creep around taking shots during the ceremony. Somehow, though, Paul made it work. He took pictures before, after, he recomposed the scene, and he may have even snuck a couple of pictures during the ceremony. (No one noticed, and I didn’t ask.) I give him my highest recommendation.”

          —Julie B.


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