Wedding Photography

“Our wedding was a complicated affair. Multiple locations, people all over the city, out-of-towners getting lost. The wedding itself was in Central Park, and while any New Yorker would be thrilled to get married there, the city can’t exactly the park because there’s a wedding. This made for certain . . . challenges. The first came when a pack of skateboarders rode through the procession. But Paul never lost his cool. It was like he was expecting the craziness and took it all in stride. Paul kept working no matter what happened, he kept his eye on what mattered. Afterward, when I saw the pictures, I saw that he got caught the most intimate, fleeting shots. I’m so glad that I chose him.”

                                                                                                               —Natalie Bent


In the end, a wedding is a collection of moments. Small, subtle moments, many of whom pass by if you’re not paying attention. The teardrop quickly brushed from a bride’s cheek. The look of pride that flashes across her father’s face as he walks his daughter down the aisle. The best friend who reaches out to steady the groom at the altar.


I notice. I won’t let those moments get away. I’ll capture them in all of their spontaneous glory—”spontaneous” being the key word. I want my pictures to look natural, not staged or posed. (Not counting, of course, the formal shots of the bridal parties and families.) This is known as the “journalistic” style of photography.


Unfortunately, the word “journalistic” has become something of a cliche. Many people talk about but it, few achieve it. Why? Because, like the news, you can’t see those moments until they happen. You can’t prepare for them in advance. How can I be so confident that I’ll get them? Because I was an investigative reporter long before being I became a photographer. I learned to think two and three moves ahead, to anticipate a reaction before the action is even finished. It’s this ability that sets me apart from other photographers.


I trained as an artist in New York City. I’ve been honored to have my work shown in galleries around the country, and to have won awards in London and Paris. (Winning the award in Paris meant that my work was shown at the Louvre, a stroke of luck that I do not expect to have repeated in this lifetime.)


Some years back, I turned my focus to commercial work, primarily weddings. But I still have an artist’s eye and an artist’s sensibility, and that’s what I will bring to your wedding. I’ll find the moments that make the day special to you, that make your celebration unique, and capture them for all time.

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